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Psychologist, M.Sc. Amelie Schomburg

42% of German employees are stressed

(Gallup Report, 2023)

68% of German employees have already resigned mentally

Employee are physically present, but only do the bare minimum ("Quiet Quitting").  

(Gallup Report, 2023)

80% of participants state that they are affected by at least one mental health symptom

Deloitte Mental Health Report, 2022

37% of participants stated that their focus at work suffers due to mental health challenges

Deloitte Mental Health Report, 2022

Mental health is more than ever an investment in your company's success.

Studies have clearly shown that employees who suffer from mental pressure and stress are absent due to illness more often and are less productive.

The effects of mental stress can be manifold: errors, careless mistakes and customer complaints increase. Employees have difficulty concentrating, make rash decisions, put off tasks and unnecessary conflicts arise among colleagues.

The quality of work suffers, deadlines are missed, innovation and creativity no longer take place. Momentum is lost and team spirit leaves a lot to be desired. Fatigue spreads. This leads to higher staff turnover and more resignations.

Companies that support their employees in staying mentally healthy, manage their stress and building resilience have higher employee satisfaction and retention, as well as better work results. In addition, sick days are reduced (up to 50% - according to a study by Deloitte, 2019) and productivity increases.

As an expert in stress management, mental strength, self-confidence and healthy productivity, psychologist Amelie Schomburg supports you with workshops tailored to the needs of your organization and provides your employees with the tools and resources to stay mentally healthy.



Constant stress makes you ill! The good news: we can strengthen our own stress competence.


  • Strengthened health: long-term effects of stress on health are avoided, physical and emotional well-being is improved & sick days are reduced
  • Increased productivity: breaking out of the stress phase and increasing performance
  • Promotion of innovation and creativity: creativity, effective solutions and a positive working atmosphere are created


  • Work out the employee's individual stress patterns
  • What is stress and how does it arise? When does stress become dangerous? What are typical stressors?
  • Methods for coping with stress
  • Methods for releasing tension
  • Reducing thoughts that increase stress
  • Identification of individual stress resources


  • Employees and managers in every sector and hierarchy level


Resilience is the ability to effectively cope with life's difficulties and setbacks, emerging stronger and more adaptable as a result.


  • Increased resilience: maintain performance even in stressful situations, remain calm despite increasing complexity and higher demands
  • Better adaptability: adapting flexibly to changes and successfully mastering new situations and challenges
  •  Resilient mindset: developing a positive mindset, creating a positive working environment


  • Resilience factors & background of the resilience concept
  • Analyzing your own resilience & identifying resources                    
  • Recognizing your own patterns, attitudes and beliefs
  • Methods: Mindfulness, optimism, thought patterns...
  • Developing an individual goal & action plan for more resilience


  • Employees and managers in every sector and hierarchy level


Women continue to struggle with underrepresentation and discrimination in many industries, which can lead to a lack of confidence and high levels of insecurity, especially at the beginning of their careers.

The challenges women face in everyday working life are different to those of men. Influenced by social expectations and societal roles, women on average have less self-confidence than men.

A lack of self-confidence leads to reserved behavior and below-average performance.
This leads to a loss of innovation, diversity and inclusion, as well as experience and knowledge. It can also lead to stress, dissatisfaction and leaving companies.


  • Increased productivity: Women realize their full potential and are able to act confidently and effectively and contribute their ideas
  • Improved corporate culture: Women can make their voices heard more effectively and utilize their expertise. An atmosphere of openness, innovation and creativity is created
  • Employee retention and talent development: Women feel valued and supported, which leads to higher employee satisfaction. You also attract qualified and talented professionals.
  • Reduction in staff turnover: Increased self-confidence leads to a lower risk of stress, dissatisfaction and leaving the company.


  • Personal analysis, recognizing your own patterns & beliefs
  • Identifying resources
  • Strengths & weaknesses check
  • Dealing with gender inequality & stereotypes
  • Dealing with self-doubt & fears


  • Female Young Professionals


Healthy productivity means getting more done with less stress.


  • Optimized task and time planning: through improved planning, bottlenecks can be avoided and productivity increased
  • Increased energy: increase performance and maintain high energy levels
  • Increased motivation: maximize productivity by overcoming motivational hurdles and phases of procrastination


  • Tasks and scheduling
  • Structures and processes for work tasks
  • Keeping energy levels high and recharging them
  • Increase motivation and reduce procrastination


  • Particularly suitable for young professionals



90 - 120 minutes

Keynote + Q&A

Online or presence possible


6 hours

Interactive exercises

Exchange with participants

Online or presence possible


2 days

Interactive exercises

Exchange with participants

Online or presence possible


Long-term support with regular mentoring sessions for individual clients over 3,6 or 12 months

Hi there!

Amelie Schomburg,

Psychologist from Hamburg, Germany



I am a psychologist and expert in mental health, confidence and healthy productivity.

I help busy people become stress-free, more confident and mentally stronger so they can successfully and calmly navigate their career and personal life. 


  • B.Sc. Psychology, University of Groningen, Netherlands
  • M.Sc. Social and Organizational Psychology, London School of Economics
  • Training as a personal and business coach
  • Further training: Resilience training, burn-out prevention, mental coach, integrative emotion coaching
  • 3 years of experience in management consulting: change & project management

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